7 D A Y S - Art Research and Exhibition

project name: 7 D A Y  S - Art Research and Exhibition    
location: Budapest    
year of  exhibition: 2011.  november 10-24.
author: Dominika Tihanyi
supervisors: Levente  Molnár G. - graphics, Gábor  Somogyi - research,  Dorottya Thurnay - installation, Viktória Vass  - organisation, Gábor Szohr - opening
curator: Katalin Erdődi
commissioned by: Ludwig Museum

We ask people in the 8th district of Budapest to fill out a form, a time-table in order to confront them with what they spend their time with during the 7 days of the week, which add up to a month, a year in end to show a life-times' doing.

In the exhibition we can see these time-tables and peep into other peoples' lives and see the how different, interesting or boring lives we lead...