Faulheit / Doing Nothing

name of work: Faulheit / Doing Nothing
location: Wolfsburg, Berlin, Budapest
realization: 2007
landscape architect: Dominika Tihanyi

What makes a city as homely as our own private home, one that allows us to be with our own selves as a form of regeneration for our mind and soul? In the sense of doing nothing this is the most positive notion that I aim to capture through other people’s experiences.

Wandering the streets of Berlin, I ask people to tell me the story connected to the place in public space where they have engaged with time as their own. The method used for the investigation is to visit the actual places where the stories take place to relive and analyze the actual forms of doing nothing as described by the people - in order to understand the circumstances that create the atmosphere which allows one to indulge in ones’ own self. Although the spaces themselves hold within the atmosphere of serenity;

yet it is the people who create the complementary operations that add up to the feeling of solitude, the feeling of being at home. The films present this feeling of serenity through showing the monotony of time passing. They are devised upon the categories set up by the structure of a home to give the form that of a novel. The films are presented as part of a 3d diagram, which lets us follow on the stories that lead the direction of a drift through the city.

Video installation in Wolksburg

Scenes from the film


Living room


Back Yard

Video installation in Berlin