Graphisoft Park / concept

name of work: Graphisoft  Park    
location: Budapest    
year of  design: 2014                    
authors: Orsolya  B. Orosz, Arpad Kovacs, Gabor Szohr, Dominika Tihanyi          
3d: Zita  Safranek

Garden of the 21st Century Reflecting on the idea of Graphisoft park's developers to construct the garden of the 21st century the concept of the park is drawn upon creating a sustainable, interactive and thought evoking garden that is responsive to the challenges of the 21st century.

The concept also reflects on the innovative intellectuality of Graphisoft and the two universities surrounding the design area. The park is an experiment where constructed 'natural' vegetation is to set base for sustainability. So called 'personal features' supplement the natural garden such as the look-out tower, the electricity generating reading bicycles and other communal installations like the 'eco bar' using vegetables grown on the spot run buy students of the campus.

These features aim to help environmental consciousness/responsibility to rise and help communal life to evoke. The garden itself aims to affect the views of the future generation in a most positive way concerning the environment by showing an alternative approach to the one of today.