Holdudvar Park

name of work: Holdudvar Park, community design
location: Budapest
year of design/realization: 2016/2018
landscape architects: Orsolya B. Orosz, Árpád Kovács, Gábor Szohr, Borbála Vidacs, Ágnes Seprenyi

The aim of the inclusive community-based planning process in the 3rd district of Budapest was to help residents living nearby to take part in developing the design of their own Community Park in the place of a barren and functionless space.

The series of workshops spanning 7 weeks were open for anyone interested to join. Posters with the question „What Should Holdudvar Park Look Like?” were placed around the neighborhood. The design method used was the same as a professional one, hence it can be said that the people taking part had truly become design partners, and finally had the chance to envisage a better future for themselves. Not only the meetings, but an onsite exhibition and a Facebook page served as the main modes of communication. Existing hills and trees were used as a base to create diverse spaces suitable for all age groups, with the intention to revitalize community life by creating spaces for interactions among locals.

As a result of the workshops we situated the various functions of the park among the grassy hills. Some of the functions were renovated, others were relocated and some new functions were added to the site. The main functions are the central space with the fountain, the stage and terraces; the promenade; the moon landing themed playground; the slide park for teenagers; the playful promenade; and the running track surrounding the park.