Holocaust memorial / CONCEPT

name ofwork: The design of the wall of remembrance and inner court of the HolocaustMuseum, Budapest
year of design: 2004
office: Újirány Group - Új Irány Kkt.
authors: Árpád Kovács, Gábor Lendvai, Edit Szabó, Dominika Tihanyi
award: 2nd prize

The court of remembrance is a space of reception and meditation, where one is left to interpret the world on his own. Yet it is also the place where the people form communities of remembrance.

The spacei tself can be thought of as an impersonation of remembrance. The two majorlevels organizing the space are the wall of memorial holding the littleporcelain elements carrying the names, and in form the suffering of themassacred, and the courtyard of remembrance. To be able to bear a murder ofsuch scale the biggest possible space is needed to be provided. This is why thecourtyard of remembrance is almost an empty one. The emptiness of the courtyardis filled by the overwhelming emotional connection between the living and thedead.

The terminals give a chance for the people to be able to connect to thenames from a closer angle, as it is hard to see the names in 4m of height, inthe scale of 1x4 cm. In the courtyard of emptiness arouse the memories andremembrances captured by artists, children and so on. This gives an opportunityfor the people to reflect on the Holocaust through temporary exhibitions in theages to come.