Kunsthalle Budapest'11 - Group Dynamics

name of work: Kunsthalle Budapest'11 - Group Dynamics
location: Budapest
year of design/realization: 2011
landscape architects: Árpád Kovács, Péter Pozsár, Gábor Szohr, Dominika Tihanyi, UILA Kft.
curator: Petra Csizek, Gábor Döme
animation: Gábor Lendvai

On the occasion of being 10 years old, Újirány Group sets out to analyze in a self-reflexive way its own group history, which leads to the more general theme of group dynamics. "You Are Not Alone" - group exhibition in Kunsthalle Budapest.

As Újirány’s working method is strongly group based the relation between the group and its members is an important factor in the everyday life of the group. This is an ever changing relation that is a dialectic one. The individual has an effect on the group, but the group also has an effect on the individual. Can a group carry on stability balancing out these effects? How can we or rather :can we create balance between these effects?

In the exhibition we can see a curve diagram showing the changes in Újirány caused by the effects of the group and the individuals on each other together with a photo documentation. In the vast space of the Kunsthalle one is also invited to try out in real time how to balance out the changes within a group caused by the individuals to understand how group dynamics work – to understand the need of working closely together to balance out each other.