Leipzig - The campaign

name of work: Leipzig - The campaign
location: Leipzig, Germany
year of design: 2005
landscape architects: Árpád Kovács, Gábor Lendvai, Dominika Tihanyi - Újirány Group; Andreas Haase, Tore Dobberstein - Complizen Planungsbüro

The aim of the international workshop held in Leipzig was to develop a new vision/image for the future of the post housing landscape of Grünau. Together with Complitzen Planingsbüro we set out on a path of developing a scenario to bring life back to the area.

Working together with Complizen Planungsbüro we have developed a durational approach to generate temporary events to take place from 2005-2050 in Grünau. Our aim was to develop a framework for the involvement of

the inhabitants in order for them to form a community which will defineits’ own vision/image for the future through the temporary events that will also fill the empty spaces of Grünau and will create a sense of belonging.