Living Gallery Project

name of work: Living  Gallery Project  
location: Budapest    
year of  design / realization: 2009                    
authors: Dominika Tihanyi, local residents        
curator: Katalin Erdődi    
graphic design: Dominika Tihanyi, Levente  Molnár
text: Dominika Tihanyi, András Nagy
translation: Beatriz Schnee

Local shopkeepers of Krúdy Gyula Street in Palota Quarter were involved in a project that focused on finding out and exposing their shops’ individual stories and myths. The collected stories are presented on little tablets that can still be found by the entrances of the shops.

While reading the 21 brief narratives the story of the street comes alive and we are taken back in time to the era when the street used to be an old carpenters street, and later an important cultural scene of the 1990’s.