Spiral Garden

name of projekt: Spirál  Office Building's Garden    
location: Budapest    
year of  design / realization:    2007/2009    2100 m2                
landscape architects: Árpád  Kovács, Dominika Tihanyi, UILA Kft.?    
architects: Zoboki-Demeter  & Társaik Építésziroda Kft.            
execution: Park-Line  Kft.

The garden is a natural formation within the cloister of the office building, which aims to model the transformation of a mountain landscape into a lakeside one. A vein like path starts out on the ‘mountain plateau’ and exceeds though an area of ‘hills’ to find peace by the lakeside inviting visitors to take a stroll in the landscape.

The garden aims to serve the recreation of the people working in the offices. The garden consists of two parts: the upper garden (where the ‘mountain plateau’ is situated) and the lower garden (where the hills and the lake is situated) which are separated by the lobby of the building.