Széchenyi Bath - Floating Plant  Installation

name of  work: Széchenyi Bath - Floating Plant  Installation    
location:  Budapest     
year of design / realization: 2008-2009    
area: 374 m2      
landscape  architects:  Dominika Tihanyi  
lighting  effects: Tóbiás Terebessy
dendrology: László  Orlóczi    
contractor  Medence Csoport Bt.

The Palm House of the Széchenyi Bath aims to be a multifunctional space that serves recreational activities during the daytime and transforms into an event space during the evening time. Hence the lush plantation that can be found in the palm house is partly lifted high into the air.

The so called cloud elements create the planters for the plants lifted in the air. These unique elements, tied to the structure of the building, were designed especially for this event space.

Epiphyte plants take up the humidity of the place. Light effects make the elements seem like floating clouds.