Traffic Education Park - Fenyves Park

name of work: Traffic Education Park - Fenyves Park
location: Budapest
year of design/realization: 2018
landscape architects: Gergő Barcsay, Árpád Kovács, Dominika Tihanyi

Fenyves Park is an important play area for children living in the neighborhood of Törökvész/Pasarét. The playground was renewed a few years ago, and now the park's unused foresty part has become a traffic education park.

There was already a playground here in the 1970s when the area was becoming more and more built in. The new function is a perfect choice, as it is an area where children can learn about the important elements of cycling, use of traffic, and the signs in a place which is not dangerous for them.

It is usually packed with children eager to learn. Special classes are held here for school youngsters. The most important part of the design was not to cut any trees in the area. The foresty character makes the education park much more than it is.