Urban Salon

name of work: Urban Salon
location: Budapest
year of design/realization: 2008-2012
landscape architects: Katalin Lukács, Gábor Szohr, Dorottya Thurnay, Dominika Tihanyi, UILA Kft.
curator: Katalin Erdődi

The aim of the project entitled ’Urban Salon’ - developed within PLACCC Fesztivál - was to create a temporary space in the city where one can spend time freely without the compulsory need to spend money.

The temporary project also drew attention to the fundamental problem of Pollack Mihály Square, where no seating can be found hence the square is only used for crossing through. The project was developed within PLACCC Fesztivál.

During the afternoons the salon gave place to meetings with local groups, such as architects from the nearby Architects Chamber, the meeting of philosophers, mathematicans and a local civil group.