Városliget / concept

name of project: Városliget competition
location: Budapest
date: 2015
authors: Árpád Kovács, Gábor Szohr, Dominika Tihanyi
architects: Tamás Pintér

In todays uncertain era, which can be thought of as moving towards a paradigm shift in a new understanding of the way we inhabit our world the concept of the rethinking of the role of the worlds first public park we aim to create a park which promotes acts that help people adapt to this change.

We aim to create aground that serves the emergence of a a gereration that is adaptive, reflexive, thinks in commutity, is socially empathic, and is open to change and takes active part in creating a better communal future for all.

The concept of the park is based on involvement. We create a community tree nursery, commuity urban ram and restaurant, where people with certain assossiations take part in the upkeeping of the park, showing the way to the future.