Zsolnay Factory - southern territory

name of work: Zsolnay Factory - southern territory
location: Pécs
year of design/realization: 2009/2011
area: 5300 m2
landscape architects: Árpád Kovács, Katalin Lukács, Dorottya Thurnay, Dominika Tihanyi
architects: MCXVI Építésziroda Kft.
contractor: Bálványfa Kft.

The Southern part of the former Zsolnay factory area was the territory of the former production and storage. The concept of the park derives from the abundance of the site hence as design proposal the visualization of the process of succession was envisaged to take over the industrial site.

The park consists of two parts. The larger part is the natural landscape part, with a grassy land-art element (the lakebed of a lake without water due to cost cuts) and a meadow. It is situated between the rail tracks and the parking house. The smaller part is the ‘open auditorium’ of the Art University that is the solidification of the process of succession. It is a space that gives place to stoned terraces surrounded by ornamental grass and a buffet pavilion.

The whole park aims to give space for the everyday life of the students and will become a whole as the process of dwelling will complement the garden. Mobile seating elements allow temporary appropriation of the site hence provide better attachment to the space. ‘Unfinished situations’ inspire the art students to finish the ‘openly left sentences’ of the park with the means of art projects.